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Unveil The Beauty


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Rediscover the hidden charm of Kanazawa

Photogenic & Backstreet cycling tour 

Kanazawa is a town where you can enjoy both the historical townscape and the natural scenery here. Why not try cycling

around local shops on a wonderful street where you can experience a slightly different Kanazawa.

Enjoy a great value tour which includes bike rental and insurance covered. Whether you're a just a beginner or a more experienced rider, this tour is designed to take you directly to the some hidden places in Kanazawa.

Playfully Leisurely Appetite-joy Young

Explore "food" at the local shopping street, and comfortably cycle through the back alleys, which is lined with trendy cafes, izakaya, and boutiques.

Discover hidden spots that only locals in Kanazawa know and secret spots which can only be reached by bicycle.

Enjoy beautiful photo taking and fun while cycling with us!

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Ride easy with safety care. Kanazawa Public Share Cycle "Machi-nori" All electric-assisted bicycles allow you to ride comfortably on slopes and long distances.


Enjoy a Little Adventure , Let’s ride around kanazawa beginning with a single pedal stroke !

Kanazawa Backstreet Bicycle Tour    3 hours

Pedaling along the backstreets, uncover the little-known treasures of Kanazawa downtown on a 3-hour bike tour with us. 
This tour starts with a little sun for a late afternoon bike ride to enjoy a cool spring, with exploring the charming alleys where you will find something that might spurs beyond your imagination.


Moving into Kiguramachi & Seseragi-dori located on the back street of central Kanazawa with unique restaurants, and hideaway cafes . Following on along the historical townscape of Kaga Hyakumangoku with the natural scenery of Asano River and Mt. Utatsu. Our Highlights Tour also includes some of the popular tourist attractions, as Nagamachi Samurai Residence, the townscape that seems to have slipped back in time to Edo period. Last but not least, a chance to interact with the locals by visiting the traditional craft Kutani ware shop and Traditional Tea house. Get an interesting perspective of the locals that live and work here...

Cycling is a beautiful leisure.

We hear it all the time.

Let's experience it when

we ride gracefully.

For the ever-increasing number of us that have joined the cycling tour,

we know how happy cycling

makes us.

A unique and meaningful to keep a memorable node.

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schedule for the day

  • 15:00~                Registration – Meet up at Kanazawa Station
    (Please kindly arrive at meeting point at least 10 min earlier.)


  • 16:00~                Opening up the story of Kanazawa Back street and cycling along the alley paths, exploring the insight a samurai district, the area preserves a historic atmosphere with its remaining samurai residences, earthen walls, private entrance gates, narrow lanes and water canals.

  • 17:00~                Seeing behind the bright lights and towering buildings there are hidden gems dotted around the city. Full of tiny bars
    and eateries, these winding alleyways are a holdover from a different time, Check out the aesthetic transient of day and night.

  • 17:30~                Riding along the breathtaking views of the great Kanazawa bustling area! Ride and explore to bfascinated by the
    beauty of Kanazawa that can only be found in a bike tour! 


  • 18:00~                Perfect tour ending with a beautiful sunset up at the top of Mt.Utasu, enjoying the view with raylight is reflecting off a city skyline, especially highlighting the Kanazawa's distinct ‘kawara’ black tile roof.

    ** Starts with 2, Maximum number of participants 10
    ** Safety measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Maximum number of participants 5

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