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Life is a beautiful ride


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Zen walk by bicycle to Nishi Chaya & Temple District in Kanazawa downtown

Explore Kanazawa's peaceful nightlife, spectacular views and experience that

Kanazawa Teramachi offers – all from behind

the handlebars!

See the Night Nishi Chaya District,

A small geisha district near the Ninja Temple and the Hidden Sightseeing Spots in Kanazawa Teramachi to Saigawa River, having the exquisite moment with Temple Master for simple zazen experience and finishing the tour at the Kata-machi,

which offers a beautiful view of the

city's lights.


A unique tour in a unique way to explore Kanazawa downtown. Enjoy a great value tour which includes bike rental. Whether you're a

just a beginner or a more experienced rider,

this tour is designed to take you directly to the well-known places in Kanazawa.


Come and join us into the walk of wisdom living.

Get a chance to learn about Zen Buddhism

philosophy and practice a 20-minute meditation

with mindfulness and the core concepts to begin

looking inside at the same time. Enjoy the

easiest way to relax your mind, body, and soul

with an in-house temple experience in


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The perfect solution for travellers

with limited time who want to experience the best of this spectacular city.


Let’s ride or e-bike around kanazawa beginning with a single pedal stroke !

Zen walk by bicycle    2.5 hours

Start in the late afternoon off with the last couple of hours with the warm orange colour waning sun which gives the temple street a magical atmosphere. Enjoy quaint alleys where you will find something that piques your curiosity and satisfies your wanderlust.


Our Highlights Tour includes some of the popular tourist attractions, as Sotoshu Shogetsuji and Jodoshu Daienji Temple, and also the visit of the very well known Myoryuji (Ninja Temple) , One of Kanazawa's most popular attractions, a Buddhist temple that was built with numerous hidden passages,traps and secret staircases.

Cycling is a beautiful leisure.

We hear it all the time.

Let's experience it when

we ride gracefully.

For the ever-increasing number of us that have joined the cycling tour,

we know how happy cycling

makes us.

A unique and meaningful to keep a memorable node.

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schedule for the day

  • 16:00~                Registration – Meet up at Nishi Chaya
    (Please kindly arrive at meeting point at least 10 min earlier.)


  • 16:05~17:15        Opening up the story of Nishi Chaya and cycling the path of Teramachi Town,
    exploring the insight of the temple street

  • 17:15~18:15        Understanding Zen Philosophy & temple rituals 
    Fulfillment wrap up with Kanazawa well-know Oban tea and Japanese sweets to end a beautiful evening

  • 18:15~18:30        Check out the breathtaking night views of the great Kanazawa bustling area! Ride and explore after dark and be
    fascinated by the beauty of Kanazawa that can only be found in a bike tour! 

  • 18:30~                Last we will hit up for a night out at the local drink store for a chill over a drink together,
    UIGI's best ways to end off a great day

    ** Starts with 3, Maximum number of participants 10

    ** Safety measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, Maximum number of participants 5

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