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LGBTQ+フレンドリーツーリズム 「美味しい金沢プライド巡り」

五感にごちそう 金沢 x  石川県民向け県民割第3弾
五感にごちそう 金沢 x  石川県民向け県民割第3弾

Queer Vacations

Life Gets Better Together

+ with Friends & Family


Safe Place Safe Travel, Everyone takes on to Kanazawa

Adventure, culture, leisure or luxury, UIGI Kanazawa, a LGBT Friendly travel service is a local premier provider for small-group
LGBT holidays, cultural tours and adventure travel opportunities together with their close friends and family members
in within Ishikawa Japan 

Our Queer vacation group tours are ideal both for anyone to meet new friends, and also for couples to enjoy
exploring new places with other LGBT travelers.
Enjoy a small LGBT group tour without the confines of a typical resort vacation!

Culinary Experience

Tailor Made Plan

Adventure Experience

Wedding Experience

Culture Experience

Pride Event Tour 

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