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The Joy of discovering, You can't put into words

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Let’s resonate with the 5 senses -  Catch Print Savour, and enjoy it to the full

Kanazawa is famous for its fresh sushi, a paradise for fishers of all ages. Located on the central coast of Japan’s largest island Honshu, off the shore of Ishikawa Prefecture with the warm Tsushima current and the cold Liman current intersect, richly filling the depths with nutrients that gives great fishing grounds for the cold- and warm-water fish and shellfish varieties coexist. Bless with the climate, the abundant rainfall here flows to the Sea of Japan from Mount Hakusan, one of the three holy mountains in Japan. Rain and melting snow from the mountain carry nutrients into the sea, nurturing a rich food chain among the sea life.


Away from the downtown city, you may feel great when bathing tender Sunlight looking the wider ocean. Enjoy SABIKI fishing, a fun way and easiest way to do with friends and family with all laughter and joy to experience way for the catch of the day!

Beauty in Fishing    3.5 hours

Enjoy SABIKI fishing, a fun way and easiest way to do with friends and family with all laughter and joy to experience way for the catch of the day!Enjoy a relaxing fishing trip experience through the magical sights of the Kanazawa bay. Start the morning off with to enjoy a peaceful fishing experience while looking at the beautiful blue Sea of Japan; suitable for anyone, find great fishing tours and excursions with us with all the materials needed for fishing will be provided. Enjoy this fun fishing adventure out to catch some fresh fish and record this moment from learning the beautiful folk art way in Japanese Fish Printing (Gyotaku), (started among fishermen in Japan about 200 years ago. )


Lastly, savor this special delicacy as a hot tempura or Nanbanzuke (Marinated Fried Fish) back in our guesthouse for a tasty meal in Kanazawa.

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| Catch of The Day |

Wisdom Living; Appreciation of Nature 

Fishing really brings friends and families together.

This amazing sport has the power to bring people

together to have fun, bond and learn.

A unique and meaningful to keep a memorable node.

schedule for the day

  • 08:30~                Registration – Meet up at Kanazawa Station
    (Please kindly arrive at Station at least 10 min.)


  • 08:30~09:00        Let’s Go to the Sea – Private Transportation is provided
                               (Enjoy the journey with allowing us to give everyone some intro for the day of the event.)

  • 09:00~10:00        Playing along the Sabiki Fishing and catch the local Aji

  • 10:00~10:30        Fulfillment wrap up and head back for the next fun

  • 10:30~11:15        Hands on Gyotaku- The Art of the Fish print

  • 11:15~12:15        Hands-on Cooking Experience

  • 12:15~12:30        Tea with Q&A

    ** Starts with 3, Maximum number of participants 10

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