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Feel Your Heart

Walking the path of Teramachi Town, a hilly neighbourhood on the south bank of the Sai-gawa river

Come and join us into the walk of wisdom living. Learn about Zen Buddhism philosophy and practice a 20-minute meditation

with mindfulness and the core concepts to begin looking inside. Enjoy the easiest way to relax your mind, body, and soul with

an in-house temple experience in Kanazawa.


Teramachi is a quiet stroll path in downtown Kanazawa that offers a peaceful retreat from the city and food for thought in the many historic sites that line the way. Teramachi town is the biggest of the three temple areas in Kanazawa and has about 70 temples and shrines, Try having a spiritual day-tour in Kanazawa, it doesn’t matter if you aren’t a Buddhist, as you can still seek solace in this spiritual day tour to these beautiful-preserved temples and shrines here. Immerse in the serenity of the charming architecture and forget your troubles for the day.


Each of temple has its own history and storytale, giving us the atmosphere that matches the town’s area’s name of “Teramachi.” So Enjoy! The route is beautiful for its cherry blossoms in the spring, and its colorful foliage in the fall, in any season you may find much to reward the eye, and many sites of interest along the way.

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Minimal Sunrise  1.5 hours

Start the morning off with ascetic practices at 08:30am. The clear, pristine morning is a great start to our meditation experience.

Having a brief about the differences aristocratic clan in japan, buddhist philosophies, and various temple rituals as taught by the head priest and end with Sutra recitation for blessing by the priest. Enjoy a morning Shōjin Ryōri made especially for you.

Originating from the13th century, shojin ryori is a type of vegetarian cuisine eaten by Zen Buddhist monks made from lightly seasoned soy and seasonal vegetables, it is believed to be very healthy dish, good for both the body and the environment.

Making a fulfilment day to start off node with a memorable travels here.

| Good Morning |

Simplicity abundance


schedule for the day

  • 08:15~08:30     Registration
    (Please kindly arrive at Temple at least 10 min. before the start time)


  • 08:30~09:15     Experience Overview / Silence Retreat in Breakfast 
    Breakfast is the perfect opportunity to commence the day with mindfulness and an open heart.)

  • 09:15~9:50        Understanding  Zen Philosophy & temple rituals

  • 9:50~10:00       Fulfillment wrap up with matcha green tea and Japanese sweets

    ** Temple ritual experience (Meditation or Sutra Transcriptions


| Evening Zazen |

 Fulfilment satisfaction


Minimal Sunset   2 hours

At “Sunset Zen,” zazen is practiced in the evening after a busy bustling day. While the scenery is dramatic, it is a quiet and calming atmosphere–the only sounds from the surrounding area are of the wind and the grass. As you listen to the monk’s warm words, 

you will certainly feel relaxed in your body and mind.

You can participate and unwind after a day of sightseeing. As a private temple, the prayer Hall is usually closed, and there are

not many chances to enter, especially at night. So, why not take the chance to free your mind and relieve some stress at night

at “Evening Zen,” for mindfulness peace and gratitude.

You will end your experience at this historical temple with a simple Shōjin Ryōri made especially for you by the temple , and a warm cup of matcha green tea with Japanese sweets to enclose a meaningful day.

* Please note that due to the temple’s daily schedule and availability, your experience will include either a Meditation OR Sutra Transcription activity.

schedule for the day

  • 17:15~17:30     Registration
                             (Please kindly arrive at Temple at least 10   min. before the start time)


  • 17:30~18:00      Experience Overview / Media Clip

  • 18:00~18:40      Understanding  Zen Philosophy & temple rituals

  • 18:40~19:30     Fulfillment wrap up with Shōjin Ryōri Dinner with matcha green tea and

                               Japanese sweets to end a beautiful evening



** Temple ritual experience (Meditation or Sutra Transcriptions)

** Starts with 2, Maximum number of participants 10

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